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CHAPTER 6: CURRENT ISSUES -Welfare Payments assesses the effect of welfare payments on the US economy.


CHAPTER 7: CURRENT ISSUES - Investment Shortfall, Idle Money, Repatriation and Job Creation discusses a hot current topic, US Corporate Tax rates and the whether or not changes to the tax rates would result in an increase in investment in America.  This chapter complements the discussion in Section A, of Chapter 2 where an analysis of a project to relocate a US manufacturing operation to China was reviewed.


CHAPTER 8: CURRENT ISSUES - Education and Welfare to Workcovers the economic effects of raising the education level of the workforce and of moving citizens off of welfare and into jobs.


CHAPTER 9: CURRENT ISSUES - Minimum Wage assesses another hot current topic.  The voter is asked to create in his or her mind a “standard” of fair pay.  Subsequently, a review of the impact of raising the minimum wage is completed and various pros and cons of raising the minimum wage are examined.


CHAPTER 10: CURRENT ISSUES - This Project Needs Your Support, using the Keystone Pipeline project as an example, examines how the voter should consider proposed projects that require citizens’ approval or input.  The approach used to review the Keystone Pipeline project is applicable to projects such as the construction of a new high school or convention center, approval of zoning for a new big-box retail store or race track, etc.


CHAPTER 11: CURRENT ISSUES - National Debt explores various aspects of this very hot topic.  The national debt cannot be reduced through a reduction in government spending – the math does not work.  Why?   


CHAPTER 12: CURRENT ISSUES - “Fix Social Security” starts with a brief summary of the support retirees currently receive and then explores several options for truly “fixing Social Security.”  The impact of various options on the average family, worker, and grandma and grandad is reviewed.  Options covered range from a “pay-as-we-go” system to a significant raise in the qualifying retirement age.


CHAPTER 13: OPINION – Why are there Different Economic Theories? discloses the author’s opinion as to why various economists subscribe to differing economic philosophies. 



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