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Dear American Voter,


Subject: How you can turnaround America


For most Americans the country is headed in the wrong direction.


For those in the top half as measured by income and wealth – the decline has

been a slow creep.  For those in the bottom half the decline has been more

rapid.  Many of these citizens are experiencing shortened life spans and

reduced incomes.


Additionally, the federal national debt is increasing.  The country’s credit rating

has been lowered once and may be lowered again.


America is a land of abundant resources.  There is no reason all citizens

cannot have a good life and the country cannot have a manageable debt. But

this is definitely not the case.


It is against this back drop I decided something has to be done.  I formed

Rethink America and wrote a discussion guide: American Voter's Guide to

Basic Economics.  Reviewing this guide is the first step responsible voters

need to take to bring about the needed change.


My name is Charles Francus, I am CEO of Rethink America.  Rethink America is

an open think tank focused on empowering American voters.


The following link will take you to a ten-minute YouTube video that explains in

more detail why Rethink America is necessary and your part in turning the country around.


If you care about the future of your children and grandchildren, I am confident that you will find this video well worth your time.


Together, we can get the job done,



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